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Value for a SLIDEX Wallet and Card

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Dear All,


I hoping that someone could provide the approximate age and value of a SLIDEX holder complete with two cursors and a card.


The background to this request is that I bought some kit, but I wasn't aware that it formed part of the sale (the seller was aware), and I'm sure that the price paid doesn't account for these items, so I want to ensure that the seller is properly paid.


The wallet is in good condition and is stamped bottom right with: 'Wt 3689 1-994 8/44 60,000 P.G.P' Rear is marked in cream paint with 'C/S 2'.


The card is marked 'Ops/Sigs No 1 Series A C.S.H 31203'


Cursors are red-tipped and still retain hand-written plain text.


Please note at this time I'm only seeking information as it not for sale.


Thank you for any help you are able to give.

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'Wt 3689 1-994 8/44 60,000 P.G.P'


This is the "imprint" that is similar to that in a book.


Wt is the Warrant that authorised the contract to produce the wallet. The second element to the Warrant is the Demand this often appears as Dd or not at all in this case. This is the departmental Demand that fuelled the Warrant.


8/44 is the projected date for the delivery

60,000 is the number delivered, it might sometimes be expressed as 60M


P.G.P. is the printer/manufacturer

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Thank you Clive, as ever your knowledge astounds


Thank you Andy for the pricing guide.


I recall with the advent of BATCO destroying my unit's stock of SLIDEX wallets, cursors, and cards, but seem to remember there being a problem as I was told that SLIDEX would still be in use on formation nets until the introduction of another code - FORMCO - which never materialized.

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