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A Dodge called Michigan

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Hi All,


Starting a blog for my latest project, an ex-Norwegian army Dodge WC-52. This Dodge was made in 1944.

Not too much bodywork, which is unusual for a Norwegian Dodge (cold winters don't do Dodges any good unfortunately..). Luckily it was protected by a winter cab which was very nicely made. Cab is in good condition, body has some minor dents.


However the engine took quite a beating. Well a beating is an understatement..

we don't know exactly what happened to the engine all we can say for sure is that there were 2 big holes on each side of the engine :-D 6th Piston only had 2 rings left and the conrod of the same piston was entirely missing.

The sump contained 2 pieces of camshaft :shocked:

Our guess is that the engine was over revved and that the conrod nuts snapped off. A shame because it seemed like it had been rebuild not too long ago.


The good (well relatively good) news was that we have a correct T-214 Engine which had started to develop a knock and almost seized. we are currently rebuilding this engine. So far: new pistons and rings, crankshaft regrind, new bearings, new conrods.

Like most norwegian Dodges it was converted to 12V, currently collecting parts to get it back to 6V.


While rubbing down the layers of paint, we managed to find the original hood number USA 2219951.

We also found a big invasion star with yellow gas detection paint. We were also lucky to find it's name ''Michigan'' on the side of the cargo body. To top it off we found POM-markings on the passenger side fender. POM-code (3 colored stripes and 5 digits). this was used to identify units during the invasion of france.

We also found some markings on the bumpers, but these are incomplete. We found 736 on the passenger side bumper, still searching to find which unit this dodge belonged to.


We're now starting to fully strip the WC-52, more pictures will follow soon.

Hope you enjoy the posts.











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Well, all stripped down to the chassis. Layers of mud, grease and Norwegian tar. The last kept it in good condition, but is a paint to get rid of. Once it's degreased it will get sandblasted.

Fuel tank appears to be in useable condition, just one dent.


A new set of tyres is on it's way, brand is Malhotra which i've heard some good comments from.

Next up will be removing the old tyres and get the rims sandblasted and painted.





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Thanks for the comments :)

Well, it's against all the dust :-D


Removed the tyres today, most of them came off pretty easy. They're all retreaded tyres and quite worn, so not safe anymore for using. Except for one Viking tyre which has the common norwegian clover pattern, this one seems serviceable and will be stored.




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Combat rims are off to get sandblasted. Hope to get them back next week.

Started cleaning the drive shafts. Put some smaller parts in primer (4x4 Shifter and some parts for the parking brake).


Hope the new set of piston rings arrives soon so we can start fully assembling the engine.

Also found some new gaskets and oil seals for the transfer case.








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Combat rims are back from the sandblasters. Started putting them in primer along with the drive shafts.


Tried the pistons today and it appears they are the wrong size..

The box and packaging say it's STD size but the actual diameter of the pistons is +60... :rolleyes:

Have contacted the seller and he will take them back and replace them with a STD set.





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Moving on to the transfer case today, has a 1964 norwegian rebuild plate on it. Pinions are good.

New seals, joints and a good cleaning.


Had a look at the axles.

The brake linings on the rear axle are greasy due to leaking oil seals. Rear axle has a welded diff cover.

Front axle brake linings are dry, but worn out completely. Front axle has a bolted diff cover.

Originally it would have had 2 welded ones, might see if i can swap the front axle for a late one.


Brake cilinders are all stuck and conditions are unknown but i expect i will need to get new ones. Master cilinder seems useable but will need a new kit.

Will need to find new brake linings.


Most of the tar on the chassis has been removed and hope to get it sandblasted soon.








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Thanks for the info Tony. Jeepest in France sells brake linings with rivets. It's about 36 euros per axle rivets included.

We've done the linings before on previous projects so should be able to do the ones of this Dodge too.


Today was quite a busy day. Since we got the right pistons yesterday, we finally started assembling the engine.

put the pistons in place and assembled the timing (NOS gears and chain). Put the oil pump in place, checked the position of the distributor first. :-D

Hope to turn it over in a couple days to assemble the water pump and cilinder head.


Radiator is off to get a new core.








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We turned the engine yesterday and started assembling the cilinder head. Then put a coat of paint on the engine.


When we tried to put one of the drain taps on the engine, the tap fell through the oil fill pipe hole right into the sump.

My mistake for not covering it up...:-|


We were lucky to get it out again. First thing i did after getting it out was put the oil fill pipe on. :-D

Put some other small things in place.







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Had a look at the fuel pump today. It was near new condition. we put it back together and installed it on the engine along with the heat shield. Made a fuel line to connect the carb and fuel pump.

Made spark plug wires, put the air filter on.

After a lot of searching i managed to find the throttle linkage that was missing. So now we also have a working throttle.


Also started putting some small parts into OD.











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