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Re-Wiring the indicators and 4 ways.


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18-03-2017 Relay for indicators.jpg

Hi Gents,

any help in re-wiring the indicators and four ways as all I have is a continuous orange light. I have a new relay and flasher unit.

Not sure what all the connectors on relay are for either, help appreciated. MOT Thursday.


I managed to secure 6 good as new tyres from County Cavan, 60 miles form home, happy days. I had one tyre picked up on last MOT, so I will change that one for this time round and try to get the rest done next leave rotation. I would prefer to shot blast wheels prime and repaint, along with brake drums. More time needed.


I did manage to remove all 20 red rim nuts after deflating the tyre and removing the valve, we use to toss the wheel over a few times and the rim normally fell out. However today as I bent to lift the wheel I realised that like me it had put some weight on too. Using a 6 foot fence post I managed to get the wheel upright and after two or three attempts the rims separated.


Roll on Monday to get the new be tyre on and then its indicators and MOT wash.


Any help on electrics for indicators very much appreciated, thanks again in advance


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