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Landrover 90 Starting Problems

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This could equally be posted under British Vehicles or "I May be stupid but" (perhaps without the May?)


This is somewhere between a cautionary tale and a query for help with damage assessment.


Today I went to start my 1991 Landrover Defender 90 GS (2.5 NA Diesel), having driven about 70 miles on Thursday with no problems, and it turned over without firing - I must have heated for a count of about 20, as I usually do, and then turned over for about the same time, noticing that it was rather slow doing so. I paused to think and turned repeated the process after about 30s thinking I hadn't heated for long enough (which was the mistake) by which time I noticed smoke emerging from the left hand edge of the bonnet and switched off fast. By the time I got out and lifted the bonnet there was quite a lot of smoke drifting between the left side of the engine and the left wheel arch so the source wasn't obvious.


On investigation I find that I had turned the light switch past OFF to CONVOY when I got home on Thursday night and the battery was down to 11.8V which explains the reluctance to start. I got a booster pack and when I tried to start there was a "click" from the left side of the vehicle but it made no attempt to turn. I also notice the "Brake" indicator comes on when I turn the key past heat to start - I can't remember if that is normal when starting or another aspect of the fault (can anyone check?).


I've checked the fuses and cant find any blown so I assume the smoke was from wiring or the starter solenoid/motor assembly. As it turned over until I switched off on seeing the smoke I'm guessing I damaged the solenoid rather than the motor ?


Has anyone had a similar problem ? I'd prefer not to replace the motor if I only have to do the solenoid !


Has anyone replaced the Solenoid or the Motor+Solenoid assembly in the field (or driveway) without workshop facilities - are there any things you learned to do differently in the process, so I can avoid doing the same ?


Can anyone recommend a link to a good legible copy of the wiring diagram for early 90's 2.5 NA GS Defenders ? I have a civil 2.5 NA diesel diagram from pp 106-107 at http://landroverweb.com/Pdf-files/Manuals/Defender-90-110-workshop-manual-5.pdf but it would be good to know if there is any difference from the Military version around the starting area.


I've run out of daylight and time for today so will update next week if I get a chance to work on it



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add that I have a civil 2.5 NA diesel diagram
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Try connecting jump pack from battery positive and negative to the chassis or gearbox! You need a meter to check voltage and or amp draws. You could always just call out your local AA/RAC patrol or whoever your breakdown cover is with! Seen many a time someone who changes everything only to find a loose wire bad earth etc

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