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Cvr(t) alvis spartan 02ff23 - whereabouts

78 Fortress


Greetings all


I have been aware of this forum for a number of years, but have neglected to become a member

until now as I have had no real need too.


I have decided to join as I would like some assistance in finding a particular vehicle.


As I know, many members of this forum are owners of CVR(T), and in particular Spartan.


I am looking to trace the whereabouts of Spartan 02FF23.


She served with the Royal Engineers, 560 Squadron, 78 Fortress between the years 1993 and 1999.


Any help on this matter would be great appreciated.


I have enclosed pictures of her whilst in service in 1996.


Thankyou and kind regards


'Fort'full (2).jpg

full (1).jpg

full (3).jpg


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Was this your bus ? Most of us with ex military vehicles search in vain for in service photos of their vehicle so it's a change to have the photos and be looking for the vehicle. Good luck with your search. You could also try the Alvis Fighting Vehicles Society (someone will correct my memory of their name or better post a link).


I am still hopefull of finding photos of my FV434 02FA23.....



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Hi 'Fort',


You would need to find out if it is still in service, hundreds of them are. The majority of those which have been sold off over the years have ended up scrapped. Only a small number have ended up in private hands.



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