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Museum closure & auction, Cowra, Australia.


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They sold off their non-military stuff earlier this year


Here's a link to the sale next April of their railway's stuff



Can't find a link on their website for the military, but it is listed on the FB page as being from 31/3-2/4/2017



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I have visited this museum some years ago, remember driving a 1930's Dennis fire engine around the site, and it was a fascinating collection, besides the military side. There were an array of whistles and hooters from rail locos there, all operated by compressed air, you just selected a chain and pulled it.

On the military side there was also a Ferret as I recall. Also a display to show artefacts from the Japanese POW camp which was nearby and the mass breakout that occurred.


regards Richard

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I wonder if that is the FWD truck that was rescued and restored in Tasmania in the mid 1970' s ? The museum collection it was a part of ( near Launceston ) , was sold about 30 years ago ., including a WW2 Thornycroft workshop 6X4 , universal carrier .

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A shame it is closing. It looks like an interesting museum. The FWD radiator is an extra wide post war one, fitted to many ex-WD FWD's when they were rebuilt.


Unfortunately, few military themed museums can survive these days... several are closing or already have closed in USA.

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Just to let you know, the FWD Model B 1917 truck in the Cowra museum auction sold at $75,000AUS at the weekend. It has gone to a good home, the National Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs, who are setting up a military section of their museum and also purchased other military trucks at the auction.


regards, Richard

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I think most of the prices reached were crazy. Especially for some of the enamelled signs!



Hi Terry,

Auction fever! People must beat the other person no matter what. That is why these prices should not be looked at as current values of items.

I heard yesterday of a heavy haulage business which had a closing down auction and things like chains and tighteners were selling at more than list price, crazy.


cheers Richard

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