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Morris C8 wheels


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I've been looking through the various photo walkarounds for the Morris C8 Field Artillery Tractor, in preparation for building the recent Armortek 1/6th scale kit and have a question about the wheels.


In looking at the various pictures of these vehicles, it seems to me that the rear wheels are fixed to the hubs one way round and the fronts the other, as denoted by the depth of rim showing at each end and the shape of the face of the wheel.


Later model FATs appear to have their front and rear wheels the same way round, but with much chunkier wheels/tyres, so is it related to the age/model of the FAT or the type of wheels in use ?


One picture seems to show an early FAT with the front and rear wheels the same way round, but I'm wondering if that could be explained as simply finger trouble on the part of the owner/restorer ?


Also, do all Morris C8 FAT variants use an 8 stud hub front and rear ?



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I have an early C8 FAT Instruction book that has a drawing showing the front wheels mounted inside out as it were, the explanation being to mount chains. When chains were not required the front wheels were to be mounted the 'normal' way.

I will have to find the book and if found I can scan the illustration.


regards, Andrew

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