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Old Coulsdon Village Fair

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We did a small local village show last weekend with the WLF, Spartan and Halftrack & Ben Hur. The Spartan still doesn’t have an engine or gearbox (only 5 days ‘til it loads for Beltring, what’s the rush…) so I flat towed it up with the wrecker. The show was a five minute drive from where the vehicles are kept which makes it the closest rally I’ve ever attended. It was even closer than Kenley at 10mins! On the way to the show I proudly overtook a milk float going up a steep hill. He waved me to overtake thinking I was going to zoom past, but instead we had a comedy ‘slow race’. I don’t often get to overtake things, much less when towing a tank, so it was a definite silly grin moment :banana:!


The show was on Grange Park in Old Coulsdon and until Friday night it was still touch-and-go as to whether the ground would be ok. In the event the truck left some minor indentations and the other vehicles barely touched it.


We set up a little display alongside the classic cars and I spent the day inside the Spartan engine bay cleaning the floors in preparation for the engine install tonight. We also re-fitted the freshly-overhauled steering cylinders. I popped my head out of the engine covers every so often so that onlookers could appreciate that Grasshopper was actually talking to another person and contrary to appearances wasn’t just having a one-sided conversation with the front end of a tank :nut:! nb. I also popped my head out occasionally under the misapprehension that the lovely young ladies wandering past wanted to be leered at by a be-hatted tall person covered in crap :naughty:.


Grasshopper also needs to revise his PR viz the following overheard conversation:

child – who built these?

G – the army.

child – why have you got them?

G – well what’s your favourite toy?

child – mega death-ray blaster kill-orama video game.

G – well these are our toys and they’re cool.

child – so how do you get into it (referring to Spartan)?

G (demonstrating) – you climb up like this… and then this… being very careful not to slip and hurt yourself (slips and hurts himself - grazed shin – aw diddums :banghead:)

child – what’s that man doing inside there then?

(filthy man stands up, exposing knees to public gaze – children recoil in horror, mothers gasp in admiration shock)

G – cleaning out all the muddy oil and water that’s in there.

child – can we see it?

G – (shows child watering can full of foulness and threatens to pour it over child’s head)

child – wow, cool!


Another convert I think!


We also met a number of veterans of various campaigns including a chap who swore blind he’d driven a right hand drive halftrack in British service. We know better than to ‘correct’ someone under those circumstances but would anyone here care to comment on the veracity of this?


ps. I had my knees out all day and only a couple of children were seen crying as a result.


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I gotta say I liked the conversation with the kid. I reconize it very well. The more gross and disgusting things are, the more will they like it. It's also a fact that old men and kids they will do anything to see our machines and doesn't hide their excitement one bit.

Looked like a lot of fun!






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