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What Motorcycles did the Western Forces use in the 80's


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A friend asked me the other day what Motorcycles the Western forces used in the 80's and I realised the only one I could think of was the Can Am Bombardier, which I believe was used by the UK, Belgium and Canada but I have no idea what the US or Germany used can anyone shed some light on the subject for me, even better if you can point me to somewhere on the Web so I can show him.




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Thanks Ron, that at least gives me a direction to start researching :cheesy:




If it helps, whilst serving with the RAF Police in Germany during the early 1980s, I rode a Triumph TR6 750cc on patrol. We also rode Armstrong MT500s on exercise. That's me in the sunglasses. ;)


AOC's Inspection 1981 Bruggen.jpg

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