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  1. Sadly the only factory documents the BSA Owners Club have are the Despatch Ledgers. The information I am looking for is the original specifications for the 135 RAF BSA WD B40GR machines built in four contracts between 1968 and 1970. Being new to the Army side of the research I am unsure what, and what is not, available in the form of these types of records as I assume prior to being actually issued to the RAF the Army handled the ordering, specification, despatch and delivery of the machines and all documentation relating to them. The points of all this? To clarify and document the s
  2. Hi So are the Main Ledgers covering motorcycle contracts in the 1960s/1970s available anywhere? Starting out on research, it is very difficult to know exactly what IS available referring to RAF/Army/MoD Vehicle Contracts for BSA motorcycles in the 196os and 1970s and where one should look. Any help on this subject would be very welcome.
  3. I was wondering what kind of information is contained in the Vehicle Contract Ledger Pages held by the RLC Museum? Not knowing a lot about Army documents and forms I was wondering if anyone could advise. The image on their website doesn't give a lot away (see below).
  4. I have just discovered that one of the RAF WD B40GR motorcycles I am researching was transferred to the Army whilst in Cyprus during 1976. The RAF MT Vehicle Record Card notes the new Army registration number as 39 BT 14. I was going to contact the RLC Museum to see if they had a copy of the Key Card, or anything thing else, for this motorcycle but note on their website the following message: "Unfortunately, due to limited resources and the volume of enquiries being received by The Royal Logistic Corps Museum Archive, we are currently not able to accept research enquiries from
  5. Hi, Thank you for that, So what information do General and RAF DCIs contain? How do they relate to the Wheel Vehicle Contracts I mentioned? Edited 30/11/2016 Anyone know about DCIs?
  6. Hi Clive Yes, all four contracts quoted are for RAF BSA WD B40s: Contract WV7334 - 50 Motorcycles - Built March/May 1968 35 AX 17 to 35 AX 66 Contract WV7654 - 31 Motorcycles - Built March/April 1969 35 AX 67 to 35 AX 97 Contract WV8547 - 40 Motorcycles - Built March/April 1970 35 AX 98 to 36 AX 37 Contract WV9274 - 14 Motorcycles - Built June 1970 37 AX 92 to 38 AX 05
  7. If it helps, whilst serving with the RAF Police in Germany during the early 1980s, I rode a Triumph TR6 750cc on patrol. We also rode Armstrong MT500s on exercise. That's me in the sunglasses.
  8. Hi All, After a bit of a break I am re-starting my research on RAF BSA B40s. One thing is still nagging me, where do I find information regarding 1960s/1970 period Wheeled Vehicle Contracts? Is the information recorded anywhere? The BSA Owners Club has the BSA Factory Despatch Ledgers and I have the info. about the despatch of the 135 RAF WD B40 from these. I also have copies of all 135 RAF MT Vehicle Record Cards from the RAF Museum, Hendon. So far all I have is the Contract Numbers and the dates the Contracts were action/machine built. There were four Contracts for these mach
  9. Hi, Looking for a set of BSA WD B40 Pannier Racks & Fittings, can anyone help please? Dave
  10. Hi Simon Only 135 RAF WD B40s were built by BSA between 1968 and 1970, I only know of 8 that have survived intact, including my own RAF WD B40. Dave
  11. Hi You can get a copy of your Triumph's RAF MT Vehicle Record Card from the RAF Museum at Hendon if you have the RAF registration number, this will give it's full history, do you have the number? For parts etc. I can recommend Burton Bike Bits who specialise in Triumph TRW and BSA WD B40 parts. I have a ex RAF BSA WD B40 myself. By the way, it's RAF Akrotiri, I served there in the 1980s Dave
  12. Actioned. Record Card in question posted on Vehicle Documents Thread.
  13. Thanks for the explanation Ted. So I assume there is no documentation available to show which stations/Units were allocated these motorcycles? Dave
  14. I was wondering if there are any former RAF MT or Suppliers here who might be able to help me with some questions. I have copies of a number of RAF Form 524s for RAF BSA WD B40 motorcycles and although many are very straight forward to read, some entries have got me baffled. For example: 35 AX 18 Received from - BSA On Charge to - CVD Hilton Received from - CVD Hilton On Charge to - Air Support Command Received from - Air Support Command On Charge to - RAF Germany SOC - RAF Germany This Record Card does not actually state which Station or Unit the Motorcycle was On Cha
  15. Many thanks for the information, very helpful. Dave
  16. Hi I am trying to find out where a few RAF Command Headquarters were located during the period 1968 - 1970. I can't find the answers on the Web for some reason? Air Support Command Maintenance Command Technical Training Command Can anyone help? Dave
  17. Thanks for the info. Would that stand for 'Freelance Military Writers' Their website is still under construction.
  18. Hi All I am trying to trace information on a Wheeled Vehicle Contract Number - WV8591 Can anyone tell me if it is possible to find out what Factory Contract this was and what type of Vehicles this Contract Number refers to please? Cheers Dave
  19. These are the correct Pannier Racks, if anyone should have some: Dave
  20. Hi, Yes I have, and http://www.bsawdb40.com Dave
  21. Hi All I am looking for a set of BSA WDB40 Pannier Frames and Fixing Brackets, can anyone help please? Cheers Dave
  22. Hi All I'm looking for information relating to RAF BSA WDB40GR Motorcycles, I am researching these particular machines, of which only 135 were built. I am particularly interested to find photographs of these RAF WDB40GR motorcycle in service with the RAF. I own ex-RAF WDB40GR 37 AX 99 - See photo below as purchased in 2015. Regards Dave
  23. I have the UIN for RAF Cottesmore as F5530A, hope this helps. Dave
  24. Try this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261950575649?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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