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Another New Memeber


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Hello everyone,


I haven't been around the Military Vehicle scene for long only about 2 years.

I've always been into vehicles and left school to study vehicle mechanics which I achieved at City & Guilds Technician Level.

I started working life as a truck fitter and spent 8yrs doing that. I had a few years at a small car garage specializing in VW & Audi but then in 1998 I moved up to Northamptonshire to pursue a career in motorsport.

I have worked for Formula Palmer Audi, Williams Touring Cars, Kid Jenson Racing F3000, Williams F1 and Jordon Grand Prix.

I started working at Jordon's as a mechanic on the race team then after a few years took on the role as damper technician running the department for both testing and racing. Well in fact I was the department and looked after all aspects of the damper scene at Jordon.

In 2006 I left and set up my own damper company I.G. Racing Ltd and this year in our 10th year and all is good.

I have designed, built and raced short oval cars with some success and i enjoy nothing more than tinkering in the garage.

That now leads us to the green machines.

I was going to restore a jeep and one day I will but at the moment I am after a GMC 352/353.

I joined the SEM MVT Area 2 years ago after Wicksteed at War 2014 and this February I became Secretary for the Area which is a bit daunting but I'm getting there.

This Sunday is my first organised road run so fingers crossed.

Well that's enough for now I look forward to speaking to some of you on here soon.

Regards Ian :-D

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Welcome to the club Ian


It sounds like you have got straight into it :-)


Something which has just come to mind. I have two Land Rover 101's and I am a member of the 101 club. The club runs a popular parts shop for members only. 101 Dampers have always been an issue as they are now unobtainable. Is this something which you may be interested in? Off the top of my head working out a price for referb/recon of originals or a run of new replacement units for the club shop.


Both the General service model and the ambulance use different dampers (not sure about the radio body), so this further adds a little complexity to the issue. But at the right price I am sure many members would take up the opportunity to purchase a spare set.







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