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ferret's points.


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Hi Ferret owners, my question is how easy is it to reset the points on the ferret. When I say reset I mean the synchronisation of the points. I am not sure if they have been messed with but the red paint looks to have been disturbed or maybe its just flaked away. Had a look in my manual and its tells you how but just thought I'd ask the question here to see if anyone has done it before.

Thanks Steve.

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I checked the points synchronization using a timing light. So I could use the induction pick-up on the light, I made up a temporary plug wire with non-screened HT wire. It fitted between the plug connector on the screened wire and the plug. For convenience, rather than use the #1 TDC marker on the fluid coupling, I installed a piece of coat hanger wire with one end sharpened and located close to the crank pulley. At #1 TDC, I marked the crank pulley where it lined up with wire. With the timing light I checked the ignition timing on the #1 wire and on the #6 wire. Both fire at close to TDC so I confirmed they both had the same timing.



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