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Albion Signal Arm Passenger Side.


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Help! but this is going to sound daft but can any one help me with details of the signal arm fitted on the passenger side of the cab. I'm trying to refit the arm back on the cab but cannot for the life of me see how it goes back together. I have fitted the arm back in the backet and put the operating rod back in its hole but when you move it the arm stops on the pivot pin and cannot move any more than a 2".


The signal arm wasn't fitted when I got hold of the Albion BY5 and was just bits and I have tried to sort out the parts, the main bracket that the operating handle is fitted to which way does it fit as the cab front hasn't been drilled to accept the bracket. I don't want to drill the holes and find they are wrong and the bracket is upside down.


I have read and reread the workshop manual and Drivers Manual and there are very little or no details at all. So could any Albion owner or any British lorry who has this type of signal arm fitted, can I ask for any details how they all fit together, also any drawings home made or photos so I can see how it all fits together.


Please email any details to paulburns@honey45.plus.com


Paul Burns.:help:

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