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Bofors air brake hoses.


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Can anyone help a friend of mine who owns a very nicely restored Bofors gun which has perished air brake hoses. He is trying to find some new hoses but he isn't having a lot of luck. The towing vehicle would be a Bedford RL.

Does anybody out there know of a supplier of rubber covered air brake hoses in Wiltshire, or a supplier who would do mail order?

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I bought some from J H Rose in Gilllingham. I also found it easily on you-know-what-bay. Is it an odd size you need?

I don't know what length or the size of the fittings, like I said the Bofors belongs to a friend of mine. I take it the Gillingham you refer to is the Dorset one, if so its close enough to pay them a visit.

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A quick search of the web has found Hopespare in Aylesbury who have a Parker trade counter that will make up hydraulic and pneumatic hoses etc for you. The hydraulic ones are clearly stated as being while you wait, they are less clear on the pneumatic. The Parker is for Parker Hanifin (sp?) which I have at least heard of.


don't know any more than it says on the web but might at least be worth a call.

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