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RAF vehicle wanted for NEC display

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I have been sent the following e-mail and spoken to Neil. I offered to post it on the forum. I have no commection with Neil or the event. If interested do please contact him directly.



I am hoping you guys can help me, I am putting on a photographic display at the NEC, Birmingham between the 19th & 22nd of March and would like to include a WW2 vehicle, possibly a Jeep or a Lorry. Can you help me find such a vehicle that could be hired for the show, preferably one that is based in the Midlands to keep transport costs to a minimum? It would need to be available to be put in the Hall (Hall 5) on the afternoon of the 17th to enable it to be in place before the stand builder take over the hall to set up for the show. The show is the Photography Show and attracts many 1000's of people over the 4 days so the vehicle will be well photographed and should attract much attention. We will also be including re-enactors in our display and creating a cameo for photography. We are keen to work with the owner to ensure they also get good exposure for their vehicle as well. The security at the NEC is excellent so the owner would not need to stay with the vehicle unless they wished to, we will be on the stand all day everyday as well. We will also be looking for accessories to help dress the set, things like Camouflage Nets and Table & Chairs etc.


Please contact me as soon as possible as clearly time is not on our side for this. My number is 07770 227625. Many thanks in advance.





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