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Intro: Jeeps_Guns_Tanks, from Calfornia

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He everyone, I'm Jeeps_Guns_Tanks, AKA Jon Tisor.


I ran across this forum as I search the internet for info on the A57 Multibank and the M4A4 Sherman. I'm a bit of a Sherman tank nut, and the A57 powered M4A4 is my favorite model.


I recently put up a web site on the Sherman tank. I have nearly 60,000 words up there on everything from its suspension and guns, to what movies have a lot of Shermans, to stories about sunken Sherman.


I found a thread that kept me up far to late on a work night, about the restoration of an M4A4 that would use the proper motor, and I read all 14 pages that night. I knew I had to sign up, if for nothing else to post how awesome his restoration was.


I'm sure I'll mostly lurk, since I don't own a tank or other Military vehicle, but if I get rich someday I will.


Thanks aproving me!

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Hi Jon and welcome in.


The M4A4 is my favourite too but I am a little biased...... Thanks for your kind words!


What's the web address of your site?



My website is http://WWW.TheShermantank.com. Your M4A4 is living automotive art! All my friends are tired of me going on about the A57 heheh, but how can you not love that motor!

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