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  1. Slightly off-topic, since Simon, I think covered the main stuff better than I would have. I do know if it's a US Navy Aircraft, at least for grate lake salvage, if you recovered a downed plane, the US Navy claims they still own all Navy aircraft lost, and in one case confiscated an F4F that was recovered.
  2. I did a post on these Shermans back in the day on my site. http://www.theshermantank.com/sherman/sunken-shermans-shermans-that-the-nazis-sent-to-the-bottom-of-the-sea/ I have a few more pics too, but I've never seen that video. Very cool.
  3. The wheel spacing is close, so they are not A4s, the M4 is the only other Sherman converted to the Firefly so Firefly IC.
  4. Well, if kids got it, that means anything not firmly attached is long gone. Probably wasn't much left inside anyway, so hope they had current tetanus shots.
  5. It looked ok from the front, but the back of the turret is all wrong. It's really a shame these guys ravaged a real tank to put the stuff on a fake one. Maybe the "M10" decided to give them a wild ride for karma's sake.
  6. Danny, If you are still looking I have some of these as PDFs on my site. The Sherman Tank site
  7. My website is http://WWW.TheShermantank.com. Your M4A4 is living automotive art! All my friends are tired of me going on about the A57 heheh, but how can you not love that motor!
  8. He everyone, I'm Jeeps_Guns_Tanks, AKA Jon Tisor. I ran across this forum as I search the internet for info on the A57 Multibank and the M4A4 Sherman. I'm a bit of a Sherman tank nut, and the A57 powered M4A4 is my favorite model. I recently put up a web site on the Sherman tank. I have nearly 60,000 words up there on everything from its suspension and guns, to what movies have a lot of Shermans, to stories about sunken Sherman. I found a thread that kept me up far to late on a work night, about the restoration of an M4A4 that would use the proper motor, and I read all 14 pages that night. I knew I had to sign up, if for nothing else to post how awesome his restoration was. I'm sure I'll mostly lurk, since I don't own a tank or other Military vehicle, but if I get rich someday I will. Thanks aproving me!
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