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I have a 1967 S2a LWB Landrover, it was built as a Military Plant repair vehicle and contained a Tooley welder run off the centre PTO and sat between the front seats. It also had a 400 cycle diesel generator sitting in the bed of the vehicle which could be unloaded using a small davit mounted by the RH rear bumper, tools operated by the generator consisted of a grindstone type grinder, rock breaker, 1/4 inch drill, 1/2inch drill, knibblers, sheet metal shears, circular saw and rattle gun, stowage was set up on the wheel wells for the tool boxes.


Does anyone have any information on these particular landrovers? There were three in service in New Zealand until the 1980s when the Stage One V8 landrovers came into service. Two are under restoration with the third in a fire engine museum in the South Island. Does anyone have any information on the Tooley Welder or Engineering Company?


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Hi I have one of these Tooley welding units, It was rated to 200 amps continuous and ran at 3000rpm minimum. They are ran off the center PTO, pretty big unit (would take up the whole center seat area) and pretty heavy. I have never seen it working as I bought it to make a portable welder from but haven't got round to it yet but if you spin the shaft by hand (very slow, lots of resistance) you get almost 3 amps out of it so I'm guessing they are a decent welding unit. Let me know if you need more details and I will see what I can get.

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