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Tow rope box on a bedford MWD

Danny P

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Anybody an idea how the back plate of the tow rope box/tool box on a bedford MWD is fixed? The plate has a folded edge to the inner side of the box. I assume it is welded in a way, either on the inner side or outer side of the box or maybe the folded edge is spot welded?







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Looks spot welded to me. If it is you will still see the edge of the main plate on the outside of the joint. If you can't see that edge or the spot welds and it all looks like one piece of metal from the outside, then it has been seem welded from the outside, probably with gas in those days, Now you would Tig it or Mig it and clean it up with a flap wheel in an angle grinder to make it look the same.



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