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Here's one for the

Thor Nogson

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Good effort , Gordon , running gear correct .... Cab ? Bonnet is home made from WC 54 parts.


Well the drivers door is the same as my '42 Ford door - maybe they grafted it onto a GMC cab?

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Hi guys,


I've been away from here for a while , thought I might post a poser for the officianados of US military vehicles.

heres one I bought in France recently. Ten brownie points if you can tell me what it is .

i can post some more photos if needed.


What ever it is it's nice, would look good on my drive

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Is it a home built Bitsa, or was Dodge trying to use parts and develop a civillian version?


It's a 1952 Dodge M37 , with a wartime GMC CCKW cab grafted on by the previous owner to keep out the Brittany weather , he used it as a recovery truck for 30 years but we had to remove the crane to get it under 2.5 tons on the trailer.


Next question ..... What to do with it , swap back a M37 body or get it rolling as Frankentruck ?

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