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Ammunition: can anyone identify the era of these rifle cartridges?

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Curious to know roughly how old these might be - found whilst sorting through old junk dating back 100+ years at my new place a year or so ago - rediscovered them a couple of weeks ago and wondered if it's possible to identify them from profile/size/markings?


The bases (with a diameter of 11.88mm) are divided into 4 segments, with one of the four on each being stamped "S E"

2 cartridges carry a ".D." in one segment, whilst the other two are stamped "..D.."

Pairs of numbers appear in the remaining 2 segments on each cartridge (1, 18) (1, 18) (11, 17) (12, 17)


2015-07-05 14.04.25.jpg

2015-07-05 14.01.09.jpg

2015-07-05 14.01.39.jpg

2015-07-05 14.02.10.jpg

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Apparently the round was developed to be fired through a modified Mauser 98. Having hunted through dimensions its the only one I can find close. The use of a stripper with the round is also specifically mentioned. It was designed as a big game round . Next to have a look through headstamps.

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I've found three places that use D on the headstamp around the turn of the 20th Century. Dumdum Arseanl in India 1895 till about 1913. Thne two German marks Gustav Genschon at Durlach and Koniglicue Munitions Fabrick at Dresden.

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I did subsequently wonder if the numbers might represent month & year of manufacture - good to get some corroboration on that thought.


Thanks all, for the interesting info/feedback.


Apologies for the poor focus on the headstamp image - best I can do at present, having got dust in lense of camera last year (and not been in a position to replace it).

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