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  1. No problem Bob, i got got mine from MDW Supplies, I've not got the lanyard, if you could reciprocate and post some photos that would be great. I've also got the SLR Arctic stock, muzzle cover, front sling mount and the sling itself.....but not the lanyard! Peter
  2. Hi Bob, This is what you are looking for. Regards Peter
  3. Hi, pair of new old stock interior weapons clips (I'm assuming btw as they are painted silver, look like the rifle clips in a Landrover!) £45 including UK postage.
  4. Drop Zone have the hoods for sale on eBay http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=321674846715&globalID=EBAY-GB - they also need 2 pins that secure them to the receiver, but those you can manufacture out of suitable gauge wire if you don't have them.
  5. Hi Andrew, I'm a fellow Falklands collector, all started aged 12 watching the Sea Harriers departing from Yeovilton to join the carriers, and then followed a few months later by friends dad's returning with war trophies. I agree with you, a conflict that was significant in the 20th century, and the last of its type (probably) with evenly equipped forces opposing one another in set piece battles, archive records show that it also caused a reappraisal by the Soviet Union of how NATO would react - up until 1982 they didn't think we would fight back! Good luck collecting.
  6. Looks like WW1 German 7.92mm Mauser to me, copper washed cases, and by the looks of it live rounds as well that will either need an FAC to hold, or be rendered inert.
  7. You could try http://www.marstar.ca they hold spares and will ship non FAC items to the UK, also try Helston Gunsmiths, although the price will be a little higher.
  8. Yes - seems to have vanished into thin air, shame as it used to have lots of bits and pieces, with prices much more reasonable than eBay, I was never quite sure how it made its money so perhaps there is no mystery - they just ran out of cash?
  9. Preston & Tim Isaacs have the ex general Menendez long wheel base example in the Cobbatton Combat Collection, and the Fleet Air Arm reserve have a pair in their reserve collection, all three are in their original paint schemes. The FAA reserve ones were dug out for the Falklands 30 at the 2012 airshow.
  10. Could have saved himself an awful lot of time and money by having turned up to the Bonhams auction in 2009 when Brawn GP cleared out all their old Honda / BAR cars! http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/17259/lot/317/?page_anchor=m1%3D1%26b1%3Dresults%26MR1_page_lots%3D2%26r1%3D90 If you look at what they sold, and for how little money, it's amazing - but it was in the doom and gloom days post banking crisis.......and of course it's so much better now!?!?
  11. I've recently acquired this ex Woolwich arsenal example of a Czekalski 105mm recoilless rifle bought back from the Falklands, which will be starting it's restoration shortly (mainly removing copious layers of NATO issue paint). I'm looking for any photographs or information about the mounting arrangements for the spotting rifle (a heavy barrel FAL mounted on top of the gun), the electrical firing mechanism and sighting system. I've managed to obtain some images from period publications and the internet, but they are not quite clear enough to make out the detail. Any help gratefully received, or any other information relating to supporting equipment and service use.
  12. Does your deac certirficate say that it was originally processed by Helston Arms? they seem to have produced a batch of "bitsa" SLR's just before the new specification deac rules came into force, in December 1994. I've got one of theirs, and it has a BSA lower receiver and upper receiver, but with mis matched serial numbers.
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