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Hagglunds BV206


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Hi guys/ gals.


Does anyone have the faintest idea who to speak to in regard to Hagglunds BV206.


For those that don't Hagglunds are now part of BAE Systems but I haven't a clue who to approach there.


I'd like to register ours but I don't want to end up with a Q Plate.


The military registration of our vehicle was 70 KD 99 and the vehicle chassis number is AAI 3056.


Obviously if it were an A vehicle I'd approach Bovington but I don't think they will hold info on the Hagglunds.


Likewise I don't think RLC records will help as its not a B Vehicle.


Any ideas????????





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The RLC MUSEUM does hold records for the HAGGLUNDS if fact my list says it holds yours its date in service is in the financial year 85/86 l would still go for a freedom of information request and save your self 35 pounds


Thanks for the info Wally.


I have requested FOI and hopefully DVLA will accept the return e-mail as proof of manufacture to enable an age related plate.

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