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Looking for assistance re S3 Lightweight Military history


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Had a response from Hendon yesterday evening - fair go, they provided me with a scanned copy of the vehicle record.

Not a very exciting life from the record - but then who knows what it got up to on base.

Rover Ltd -> Ashworth 6/6/73

Ashworth -> Aldergrove 12/8/73

Aldergrove -> Catterick 5/6/78

Ex Catterick 27/4/81


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RAF Catterick - east side of A1   ,   Army Garrison - west side of A1

I used to get into few area inc. the RAF -  it was very quiet 1978 to 81  , don't even recall aircraft landing. In the main RAF Regiment ,  fire training area at south end.

1981 disposal , bit early for CMA (Maltby) Nr. Stockton-on-Tees or  CMA  John O'Gaunt , Leeds - so I suppose it was auctioned by  IIRC  Walker Watson Hanson auctioneers of Nottingham who organised the vehicle disposals at Ordnance & Storage Depot Ruddington.   Possibly perusal of the MOD sales catalogues from April 1981 , may give you a little lead.  ISTR the auctions were every two months over 3or4 days), I would probably have been there, unfortunately I gave a stack of my Cat. away.  Other than £ - nothing much to gain.

From the civvy  VRM , you should be able to determine the town/area of first registration - then a educated guess as to the dealer who purchased (in those days there were not so many private buyers of LWT )  actually the visitors car park was always packed & more interesting than the MOD parc firme.  Some dealers will still have sales records that may lead to first civilian owner  ?

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CU  (of  UCU)  -  seems to be Newcastle-upon-Tyne ,  can think of only a few possibility of LR dealers ,  Jacksons @ Morpeth,  or more probably a firm next to Fearless Rubber Co.  north bank of Tyne  , just east of Scotswood bridge  (need to think of name).  Slim possibility of  NEM  North Eastern Motors up river at Lemington or Albany Motors , Gateshead side of Tyne just east of Tyne Bridge.

Or - a Geordie privateer.

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Remembered , near the Scotswood bridge  -  Gill Land Rover Services , he also had two or three LWT in stock. His wife ran a LR spares shop on Blaydon High Street.  Only other would be a garage at Fourstones/Newborough - I think he still trades used LR.

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