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  1. Holy thread...back from the dead! After periods of illness both for myself and the father in law... the lightweight is almost done - it starts/moves under its own steam. Just a few little bits and bobs left when the current lockdown eases and it'll be on the road. As its almost ready I stumbled across some 5 year old emails from my search for information on the old girl. I never did get to the bottom of things so I guess I'm going to restart the search. Hopefully, some archivist somewhere has digitised the bits and bobs.
  2. So far, I have done the following searches based on the advice here and on other forums. MOD FoI request - nothing as it was pre-MERLIN RAF Museum - pointed me at the forums as a possible source of help RAF - still waiting Heritage Museum, Gaydon - Heritage Certificate purchased, found out the colour and build date and first 'home' RLC Archive - card in the big 500k pile - next chassis along was in service in July 1973 and ended up with RAF. So, I am hoping that somebody might, just might be able to help me find the military number plate that was attached to chassis no. 951-01236A
  3. Hi All, I've stumbled on this fine website in my search, nay, quest for any snippets of military history relating to my father in law's retirement project - a 1973 S3 Lightweight. So far I've contacted/worked out the following :- Build date - 18th May 1973 Chassis No. 951-01236-A I've contacted RLC Archive who say they've yet to come across the cards for our Lightweight, but they did find info on 951-01235-A - the chassis number immediately before, and that entered service in July 1973 and eventually ended up with the RAF. The very helpful chap at RLC seemed to think that it
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