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Milweb Carriers

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Having just looked, there's quite a choice. From fair priced lower hull project to perhaps over priced examples at the top end. There are a couple of good running examples at very fair prices too.


There aren't too many around. They're road legal, can fit in a standard garage, pretty straight forward to work on, engine parts are readily available and most important they're good fun to drive.


It has to be the cheapest way of getting a piece of WW2 armour?


I took mine for a 15 mile drive this morning and I'm still grinning.


Some of the lower hulls can look too good to be true. You could quite quickly start spending money and end up at the cost of the £30k examples. There's a lot to be said for buying a runner, someone else has done all the hard work!!



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The prices being asked have recently gone through the roof based on as usual probably a relatively few number of sales where rich individuals have been willing to pay the price.


This has made restoring vehicles which previously would not have been attempted financially viable.

As with all vehicles if you are paying a top price you need to ensure it is mechanically sound including the running gear, and as complete as possible. All Carriers especially Mk11's have numerous stowage brackets and boxes which to have fabricate to a good standard will cost you thousands. These were all normally junked during post-war use. There are plenty of Carriers out there with repro armour and or basically empty hulls with none of the stowage and high prices are still being asked.


As always buy the best one you can for the money and a lot of the current highest prices are fantasy.

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