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latest trailer for the collection

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002.jpg collected my other trailer yesterday,im sure its a bowser,the turntable has lock/stop on,theres a rusted plate with the words JB&CO LTD still visible so assume John Brockhouse? will do some better pics when i get the floor etc removed


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As you seem to be into WW2 trailers ? have you seen this one on ebay ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/living-van-trailer-ww2-/181720336298

Thanks for the message re the trailer on ebay,looks interesting!! Think ive got plenty on at mo with the 2 ive got our lot at the farm already thing im just collecting scrap:nut: we,d all look atbit rough if we had been left outside for years covered in briars:-D i like a challenge wot with trying to get hold of obsolete tyres n half the parts missing..brilliant.

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Been doing some work on the bowser this weekend,removed the wood floor n all the farm welded additions,power washed off n sprayed with oil,chassis wants some of the corroded bits sorting 2of the tyres split.found some numbers above makers plate 26745..could this be the year of manufacture?? also the part remains of some white lettering on chassis just before makers plate starts with a G"orC" &ends with an E"?? still looking for a swivel towing eye for it.Noticed the chassis bends in narrower at turntable end(see pics)unlike my EEC which is straight,any feedback welcome...009.jpg




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Love the thread, please keep posting.


Turntable trailers are so sensible looking, do they tow well in addition?




Must admit they do have a certain attraction,this one bounces abit as 1 tyre has flat spot,1 tyre holds air,1 is a spare (swapped it to go on my EEC as taking it to local show..)&the other tyre has big split in it..hard rubber,:D

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