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Ruddington and Other MoS Sales Catalogues


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one the subject of Civilian registrations on Military vehicles.

glasses book has sections of numbers "alloted to government vehicles".


these are nice and new, RMH,JMK,RMK,PMK Govt.nos.

GGU 519 (1942) Austin K2Y (contract A.1445/1941), of the American Ambulance, likley to be a ex army sale.


another second hand Austin K2y(1943) of the Red Cross.normandy 1944


Below this Austin K2Y (1945) with ERM KYW 939 said to be a CAA registration.

the KYW series appears to be Govt. nos.


thats a bit off track as I am looking for Ruddington sales information on WWII Humber 4x4,

and any in the RAF



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The Middlesex C.C. registrations (RMH, JMK, RMK, PMK, ...) were all issued to the War Department, prior to early September 1939 (war declaration). After that date military vehicles no longer had civilian registrations. Unfortunately the Middlesex C.C. registration ledgers haven't survived.

The Home Office did use civilian registration numbers for its vehicles during the war. I think GGU 519 is one of these.

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Civilian type registrations, I found appear to have been fitted to Ex-army Ambulances used by the Red Cross on D-Day the vehicles were just out of warranty(12months old/ 10,000miles).

post war Champs (RGX,PJJ,PLF(1954)  carried civilian registrations, when on army  evaluation,

JLR being a batch (1947) that cover Austin K2Y ambulances, Gutty 4x4

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