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Not quite a Jeep in a crate but pretty cool...


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Not quite the same, but some years ago I went to an MoD surplus sale where there was a crated reconditioned Meteor engine, with all the dyno test sheets from the rebuild. The measured fuel consumption figures were pretty frightening. I think it only made around £500 at the time.

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Before someone gets offended and riled up I'm just giving my opinion.


Looking at the exhaust manifold and condition of other parts of the photo it looks like it was run.


I would strongly believe that to be a REBUILT, not NOS (you would really have to torture the definition of NOS for it to apply).


A new motor would not be run/ dyno'd.. only a rebuilt one. That means that motor was send back to a 5th Echelon support group for full rebuild.


TM9-1802A Para 68 TEST OF ENGINE ASSEMBLY (BEFORE INSTALLATION) details a 2 hour run in procedure.


Remember kiddies never believe the story. If that motor showed up on e-bay it would have landed on UTAH Beach and ran over Rommel before saving Easy Co, 101st AB from an SS Panzer attack.


I know that the seller used the word MINT, which I would also say is improper. MINT Condition has a very specific definition. The crate being opened and the engine being run is not MINT. There are many photos of factory GPW engines and they would be in a condition far above this.


Personally seeing the words NOS and MINT are huge red flags. And in this case I don't believe that either are correct. My guess is that the seller would ask near $10000 USD (that is a wild guess... anyone know if I am close?) Rebuilt GPW motors have sold for $2500USD from a vendor in the past... rebuilding one is $1000USD


So other than a crate and two labels... I don't see anything super awesome.

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