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  1. Yes, I've looked again. Because my own Dodge is listed under 'Dodge USA' I naturally assumed this would be in the same category. As you say, it is there under plain 'Dodge'. Thanks for your imput.
  2. Thanks for that, my trawl through the DVLA site suggested that it no longer existed ! If you know the owner perhaps you could ask them whether they might like a photo or two as it was when I dragged it out of the orchard complete with wrecker jib installed. I acquired it in Worcestershire, has it moved far ? Cheers.
  3. Does anyone know this Dodge WC57, chassis no. 81680337, reg. no. FUY 270 ? I rescued it from an orchard back in the 1970's and have always wondered what happened to it. I've found this old photo of it on the net which at least tells me that someone restored it and it didn't succumb to the 'gas axe'. Thanks for your time, all the best to one and all.
  4. Interesting and thoughtful response. It's advertised to sell that's for sure.
  5. I agree, the rear main seal would have a negligible effect as a reason for a tight crank. I, too have towed jeeps around with the engine turning to free them off a little after the installation of new bearings. If it's really tight try helping it a little by removing the plugs. I assume that the rods are all true and that you've not gone the extra yard when tightening the end caps? A complete last resort would be to drop the pan and ever so slightly back off the end caps, replace the pan and oil etc and run the engine for five minutes or so, then repeat the process to torque specs. J
  6. Hi Raeme 21, You're not seriously telling me you swopped that lovely GM 270 petrol motor for a clanking 2 stroke diesel are you ? Why that's very nearly sacrilege.......!!! Shame on you. BUT, us diesel aficionados must stick together, we are apparently a minority, and we could be persecuted. Seasons greetings Phillip.
  7. I kind of knew that Memphis Equipment were mainly post war M series etc but was told that sometimes they've moved older stuff. Just wanted confirmation from a local really, so thanks for the reply.
  8. Hello there, Looks like I've missed this one, but can you tell me if there's any other shows / auto stuff happening around the Memphis area between 25th August and 6th September ? I'll be on holiday over there during this time. Also, do you know whether Memphis Equipment still have any WW2 vehicles and / or spares ? Many thanks Just seen your picture of the B17, excellent. Better than the ones I took of sister ship Sally B doing a similar manoeuvre over Sleap Airfield here in Shropshire, UK.! Cheers.
  9. I think that of all the Willys models the MC gets a bad press. Even the MD (M38A1) seems to generate more interest with jeep enthusiasts. Maybe because it's so similar to the MB without actually being one, who knows. It is a fact that they're appreciated much more in the States, and seem to command competitive prices. As a matter of interest mine was imported from the States by the previous owner back in the mid 90's although I've had one before that had been brought over with the military and used with the US Airforce, and I believe that one was sold off through Molesworth airbase.
  10. I've had must be over a dozen MB's over the years but I have to say that my favourite model Willys is the MC. As a daily driver it is more weatherproof, has a nicer gearbox in the T90, a superior parking brake, brake drums that are separately removable from the hubs and lights that actually illuminate your way. Yet they still retain much of the inherent character of the flat fender jeeps. Points I don't like are the 24v waterproof electrics, the semi floating rear axle, the 5.38 diff ratios and from an aesthetics point of view, the bug-eyed front grill, tho' I do like the fact that i
  11. Alright my mate, how's things in the Antipodes ?
  12. Hi, according to my information your truck has a build date of 1/7/44. Could you be mistaken with the R2 bit ? It would seem more likely that it is CCKW 353 362152 B2. This would be a cargo body with winch and banjo axles. For what it's worth you can make a reasonable guess at the army serial number if you consider that chassis number 362242 at less than a hundred from yours, had the army serial no.4315382. Hope this helps.
  13. I'd try condenser too, I'd also check that the + and - terminals on the coil are the right way round. It will run if these are the wrong way round, but roughly.
  14. I agree, bet yer life that this is a relatively recent mock up on a lengthened chassis. Those water outlet vents are a bit Mahindra-esque ! Nice to see something different.
  15. I'm selling six good 900 x 20 Firestone All Traction tyres on ebay right now.
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