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Tilly Rear Seat details


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Hello All,


My Morris Tilly is in what i can only describe as the "reconstructive archaeology" stage, EG: which bit of rotten timber went where, how thick etc. we're really scratching our heads about the rear folding seat position, and a mysterious set of brackets on the drive-shaft tunnel. They look like they're for a block of wood, that maybe the seats rest on when they're folded down, but finding good pictures is tricky. also were the areas in the corner beside the wheels blanked off or here they left as cavities? the latter makes more sense, (somewhere to squirrel some rat-packs or other kit) but definitive proof is hard to come by. Some good pictures of the folding seats would be also very handy, as i suspect we'll end up fabricating them.


Thanks for any help you can give.




Chris Collins

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