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Universal Carrier colours


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For the PSC 1/72 scale Universal Carrier and Loyd Carrier models I'm making as used on D-Day what colours would be used in the British Army for the base colour? Humbrol or Revell paint numbers or the mix would be of use. I seems that most books cover 'armour' such as Shermans or Churchills or 'soft skin' trucks but not Carriers!

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The original colour found on top of the primer on my 1944 Loyd was very similar to BS298 Olive Drab, to make life simple I'd go with that. In photos from Normandy you see both single colour Loyds and ones with a black wavy pattern, however I've only seen that on the photos from Villiers Bocage.

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As the links to the MLUP Forum probably say, it depends on when your Carrier was built.


Olive Drab did not officially come in until about May 1944 so one of the brown shades is probably a lot more likely than green.

The official orders stated that vehicles were only to be repainted Green when there condition warranted it. No doubt unit personal preferences and the availabilty of the new colour also plasyed a part.

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