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Ford G987T 1939 restore


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Befor starting restore Frame Before painting


My restore still going on, cab nov painted. I need some part, hooks in front and back.

If you have anything to this truck, also hinges and parts to the bed.

Hooks is in front of frame, and on back of frame.

Google on ford g987t and you can see more from rustrepair.




ford 1939.jpg

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Hello, I just gained a chassis that looks like a FORD G987T, although the front wheels looks more like Ford AA.  I'm just at the begining of investigation, can you help me with some pictures of your chassis please? How does your restoration proceed ? Může jít o obrázek venku

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On 1/2/2022 at 7:23 PM, motorfahrer said:

I have 3 radiator cowlings for this type. They are slightly damaged so 3 will make 2 perfect ones.

They are from an old workshop and were always covered so no rust. Have pictures if you want.


Hello, can you send me the pics to elpatrik@seznam.cz please?

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