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  1. Hi If anyone have pictures from original typenschild, sitting under driverseat. Gunnar
  2. Befor starting restore Frame Before painting My restore still going on, cab nov painted. I need some part, hooks in front and back. If you have anything to this truck, also hinges and parts to the bed. Hooks is in front of frame, and on back of frame. Google on ford g987t and you can see more from rustrepair. Gunnar
  3. Hi Here is a pjoto of my Ford under restore. Best regards Gunnar
  4. HI I working with FORD truck 3 ton G987T 1939. Want type plate sitting under driverseat, sparelist, insrtructionbook, My truck has a kipper bed, can it be orginal. This is a copy of the Barrelnose from Ford USA. This made in gemany during the war.Please if you know anything abaut this truck, let me know. Best Regards Gunnar Sweden
  5. Does anyone know anything about this German made ford 1939 G 987 T It is a 3 ton truck with flat four cylinder engine.Most common was with a v8 sidevalve. This truck was used by the german in Sveden during the war. Is there anyone out ther own or have information abaut this truck.
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