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Mk.6 helmet & US CVC helmet


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Hello list!


Saw an old friend of mine whome I haven't seen in person in quite a while last night. Apparently, he was doing some "horse trading" with someone else & I wound up with a British Mk.6 helmet with desert DPM cover and one of the later versions of the American two piece CVC helmets. What's even better, is that he just gave them to me!


While I needed the Mk.6 to round out my DPM uniform impression, I really don't know much (anything) about them such as the difference between the Mk.6 & the Mk.6A. Any recommendations for sites that I should check out for info on them other than wikipedia?




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The mk6 was introduced 1989 I believe for N.I being a composite material over the steel turtle shell it gave a greater protection against ballistic threats ( not rounds but metal splinters/frag etc) and an also against impact ie being hit over the head.


The mk6 was green in colour and the internal webbing strap at the dome of the head was a green bit of string (many people packed this out with a FFD or similar to improve comfort) the webbing chin strap was green in colour and had a single pop button fastener.


The mk6a I am unsure of the date into service however I exchanged my mk6 for the 6a prior to deploying in 2008 to OP Telic 12


The mk6a was black in colour and the internal string webbing strap was replaced by a mesh arrangement which was a vast improvement on comfort, the webbing chin strap remained the same, I am assuming the helmet again had an improved protection ratting however I am not certain.



The army now have the mk7 which is tan in colour and vastly different from both previous models.

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