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James ML For Sale on Ebay


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I'd want to check him out first! He's based in UK and only has a feedback of ONE!!!, and the bike is in Italy?? Ron



Thinking along the same lines.........as you say , item location Teddington , then view in Rome........4 star hotel in Rome to interested parties, .......... price includes shipping..........payment by money order or cashiers cheque .


The pictures look like they have been scanned out of a catalogue/book very grainy ?


Might show interest just for the free night in Rome :D



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The price for the bike as advertised with spare engine and forks etc is quite reasonable I'd say. They are quite rare and the wheels are a bugger to find as the hubs are unique to the ML. But I wouldn't risk flying to Italy as I doubt the four star hotel is there either.


Here is mine. Ron

Lightweights 294.jpg

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