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Hello everyone, I'm Colin and have just joined the club and the reason for joining is I recently bought a couple of motorcycles, one was a 36 Panther the other a Royal Enfield Flying Flea ex WD I think, it registered for the road in 1946 and had few owners until 1951 when it put in the shed with the Panther and then forgotten about. I have rebuilt the Panther and will shortly start to rebuild the Enfield, in my search for infomation on this bike I found this site and I am hoping the members of this club with the knowledge they have will help me with the rebuild of this bike.


A little about myself, I am 65 in March and a Toolmaker by trade, I worked for Bowden Cables for forty years until closure in 2006, I now work for another cable company but only thirty hours a week which will reduce to twenty in March. My wife passed away in 2010 and since then to occupy the time I have rebuilt motorcycles, to date I have completed ten to what I think is a good standard, I do not rebuild to sell or for investment just for the enjoyment of doing it and riding the finished bike. Where do I keep all these bikes you might ask! well there are two in the lounge, one in the hall, and one in the dining room, two in the shed and four in a friends garage, I getting short on storage room.


I will post photos (if I can, not very good with computers) of the bike in the correct section and any comments will be great.


Thanks for reading


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Welcome Colin, I have just bought myself a bike project a 1957 BSA B31 first registered to Len Vale Onslow, who was well known in the motor cycle world for building bikes and riding them until the age of 102 :D I may need your advice before too long as it will be my first British bike rebuild !

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