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New from Essex


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This is my first time on HMVF so I thought I would give a quick intro.

I have always been interested in history and military vehicles, but that’s as far as I got. Until last year when my son and I went to the 70th D-Day anniversary for a few days in Carentan. At the same campsite were a number of British owned Jeeps that my son and I managed to blag a ride in. Within seconds of driving down the French lanes, we were both hooked, and the grin on my 10 year old son’s face just said it all along with the comment ‘dad we just have to get one of these’.

So two months later I bought a Hotchkiss M201. Yes I know to the purists it not a MB/Ford but it’s a start in the right direction for now until we can afford an MB. It needs a bit of work doing to it but then I got it with that in mind. We hope to work on it over winter and have it ready for summer as we intend to use it a lot.

I have very little knowledge about these so the internet has been a god send for information, but there is no substitute for speaking with people who have ‘the knowledge’ about such vehicles. Hence the reason for joining MVHF.

We’re in Essex by the way.

Cheers for now


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