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Renault TP3 4x4


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Hi Folks,


I have the chance locally to buy one of these Gallic Beasties in fair condition, uk registered (bonus!).


Anyone have any experience of these little forward controls?


It has running issues, need to do a compression test/possible head gasket. 817 Petrol engine, renaults own i believe.


Any experience/advice gratefully received!



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The French counterpart of EMERs are MATs - the ones you probably need are "Guide Technique" - drivers manual and "Reparation <name of vehicle>" the repair manual. Certainly for the SUMB MAT3437 the repair manual comes in two volumes "figures" (diagrams) and "texte" (procedures for each dismantling, adjustment and reassembly).


There are also "installation" MATs for various accessories such as radio stations in each vehicle





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