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Brooklands museum Military vehicle day 16th November

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Reminder for the last MV event of the year the annual Military vehicle day at Brooklands museum sunday 16th November, always well supported, a good day out, plus lots of historic racing and aviation exhibits in the museum, its near A3/J10 M25, Weybridge, Surrey



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Early as possible; in previous years I arrived around 10am and found the place nearly full, so aim to get there for 9-9.30am.


BTW - despite the event ending at 4pm the site was nearly empty at 3pm last time I was there as it soon gets dark for those coming a long distance. One year I left too late and drove home to NW London in thick fog in the dark, which wasn't a nice experience in an MV painted matt Nato green that at night just seems to be the exact colour of 'darkness'. Lets hope for good weather. See you there.

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Regarding this show I'd be interested to know what you thought of it if you went in an MV or as paying public? The Museum is so I'm told looking to expand a little in to living history, though I can't see where they can place many trenches if that's what they want. However some LH Groups bring in a selection of kit and weapons and dressed in their period uniforms are often a great hit with the public.


As with any show great or small it needs to evolve to stay on the calendar!

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