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Yes, the name of the trucking company is cool Adrian, but damn did it take them a long time to get here!


I still have more parts coming next weekend....hood, fenders, goodies. The truck has an NOS engine in it. My immediate goals are to get her road worthy again and slap some green paint on! Eventually the cab will need to come off for repairs. I just have too many other projects that I need to finish up first. Once I've determined what I want/need to keep from the donor truck, I will be parting out the rest. If there is any interest in parts off it please let me know. Also, any advice in what I should definitely keep would be great too.


Or I could just find another truck Chasis and make a Franken-T of sorts......





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Ive added a few more pics to the gallery. Have not really had much time to do much. Got her running and moved under cover. It was a slow move as the hand brake was stuck. Turned out to be just the cable which after removing and cleaned works fine now. Just need to put it back on.


Hope to get more done soon, but my real job is interfering!



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Sorry I haven't updated this thread lately. We have been pretty busy with all kinds of craziness. We have acquired some parts. Mainly seals and such. Thank you to those that have helped out there. She is up and running and has been named the " Happy Hooker". :angel:


We haven't taken her around the neighborhood yet, just slow moves in the yard. First fix was the hand brake cable was seized in the applied position. Thats now freed up so she rolls freely. Next, we found that the wrecker PTO worked.....as in it was stuck in the engaged position so it basically was always working when we moved it!!!! Good thing we didn't just tear ass down the street!! So we are just taking it easy and a little at a time. The PTO cable is soaking, but still isn't free. A new one may be in order if it can be found.


We have been finding reasons to use the booms though. They are quite handy! Just had to lube up the mechanisms etc. We used her to pull apart a CCKW parts truck we had. The engine of which is still in the back of the bed.... Seemed like the best place to store it for now.


Enjoy the pix!!









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