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Taskers Joiners Trailer Free.

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Free to a good home a 10cwt trailer. Post war but the running gear seems to be the same as used in WW2.

Currently located on a farm near to York but ceasing business. I think that the towing ring is bent as father in law hit it with the tractor.




i have the same trailer what was used in the Belgium army

1 question is ther stil a type plate on and if so can you make a picture for me of that


regards hans

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One of the trades we used to have in the RE Squadrons on Airfield Damage Repair was Cable Jointers.

But the kit was in the 70s then reduced to 2 large wooden toolboxes.

Although most of the actual jointing bits and pieces required were held back in stores on the base.

Just in case someone put a hole in the runway and damaged the lighting cables or something.


Same reason we also had plumbers and pipefitters.


Quite possible that the trailer may be from somewhere with an airfield connection.

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