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Anyone live near Morpeth


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need to collect a saracen altenator geny, bought it but didnt know it was all the way up there..nigh on 350 miles away from me...700 mile round trip...


of course if you are up there you need to be coming down to my area in the near future so i can collect it but just hoping someone is rather than pay a courier cost...i know its not massive cost but if some one is coming i can drop them a few quid and we all win...

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Hi Paul , If its who I think it is up there , I've been there twice to collect parts 660 mile round trip it was a couple of years between each trip though so the memory faded between them ! I know I'm mad but I wanted the parts BAD :-) Hope you find a way to get them thats painless for you mate !

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Why did you buy one all the way up there when I have load5 of new ones in crates ?


John you keep your stock too quiet...i am only getting it just in case...


what I really need is a good stalwart one |I have a fe of these take outs and non are particularly reliable. think its going to be a courier

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