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Here's a rusty one for you :-)

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This front axle turned up in the backfill at the bottom of a WW2 vehicle inspection pit at an archaeological 'dig' at a site I know. The marker pole has half meter colour sections on it, so it is going to be off something small. On the lines of a small staff car or Tilly, but I don't know enough parts to identify it at all. There is no reason to believe it is from anything other than a WW2 military use vehicle. But of course impressed civvy ones are quite possible. It would be good to be able to put a correct label on it for the 'finds' record! :-)



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Its an Austin 7 front axle, identified by the holes at the end of the axle beam are for the radius arms, and above can just make out the spring shackle holes for the transverse leaf spring it would of had.

Pre war, 1930's the Military had Austin 7 radio cars, The axle is not that rare, and in that state not really worth anything

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