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land rover series 2a marking


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It's the Arm of Service mark and denotes an Infantry Battalion in an Infantry Brigade Group. Is there any sign of another marking on the opposite wing or on the tailgate? If you can uncover it, it will tell you which Infantry Bde Group.


Judging by the Light Stone paint it served in the Middle East. I've got photos of vehicles numbered close to yours serving in Libya and Aden.

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hi ivor


thanks for the interesting news


the wing came off a donor vehicle im afraid and the other one is not light stone however the rover 8 im restoring is very likely from the same batch of vehicles that served in the middle east


it would be nice to see any photos because i dont have any history RLC museum dont have records for mine either


according to geoff fletcher my chassis number became 08EK67 and was under contract WV496 but might not be correct because in that contract there were only 12v vehicles while mine has a lot of 24V evidence

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