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Ariel W/NG questions

Niels v

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An 1944 Ariel W/NG has found it's way in to my possesion (I must stop looking at forsale adds) It has possibly been in the Danish army after the war, then civilised and 10 years or so ago it war restored to this.


It is running and driving, though the carburator needs abit of adjustment, its running to rich and soots the plug.

I would like to get it back to its war time configuration, because this is how they also looked in the danish army, They still had their wartime census numbers on at this time.


Can any one help with spotting what is wrong or missing, and possibly direct me towards where I will find it and what will be the correct to buy for it?


What I have found to be wrong via looking on the net is:

Missing the steering damper and knob.

Possibly the glass in the light schould be flat?

The brackets for the headlight schould be steel strip and not tube.

non original bracket for speedo

non original Speedo and to long cable

non original battery strap

non original side stand.

Missing both triangular toolboxes

Missing carrier/pannier frame

non original stop light, but I am getting the original.

non original horn

non original regulator box.


From looking on the net it seems that Draganfly might have many of the pieces missing, but I am not sure what to buy.

It has a solid state regulator which I might want to fit in to an original regulator housing.













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Cheers Guy! Neils, if you pm me your email address, I'll send you pictures of mine which hopefully I have got more or less correct. The steering damper was omitted after a certain date. With your frame number we might be able to decide. Ron

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Hello Niels.

Nice W/NG, apart from the things you already know I see that the mudguards are not Ariel.

They should have a rib running over the centre.

These look like coming from a Matchless G3L.

Also missing the lower rear chainguard.

But, in all a good bike ! just enjoy like it is, the correct parts will show up in due time.

regards, Vincent

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thanks Vincent

I hadnt spotted that the lower chain guard was missing.

I was planing to order some of the incorrect or missing parts from Draganfly soon.

I am still on the look out for the correct speedo for it.




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Need a frame and engine number to advise further..........steel timing cover and primary covers suggest a 1944 model................these parts themselves are quite rare nowadays.........


I can see from the images though that the carburetter is wrong....it is the pre-1940 version with the holes around the base, and the float chamber is also incorrect.....sits at the wrong angle ! Needs to be a "1J", same as Matchless, Triumph 3HW, etc.......the current fitting won't help smooth running ..........

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From the papers I have and the frame number it schould be from april 44.

I have only found these numbers on the caburetter, and bike are not my strong side, so if you have a picture of how it is suppose to look and be placed please post.

Is the correct caburetter then an Amal 1J or what is it called?



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The correct carburetter for a W/NG is an Amal 275 with a separate type 1J float chamber............


However, you can use the slightly larger 276 which will improve performance with the 1J float chamber........the correct float chamber should have "1J" marked on it (on the lower union to connect to the carburetter)........


The earlier carburetter with the holes around the base (which you have currently fitted) is a type 76............when it was redesigned without the holes it became a 276.............

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I have not done much to my Ariel the last couple of years but found various missing parts, including a set of original mudguards, not the best condition but repairable, I got the flap for the rear guard from Egypt. 

And then this corona lock down pushed me to start working on my Ariel. 
By the looks, every bush and thread will need repair.

So I have bought what I could get from draganfly, and the rest must be fabricated or sourced else where.

The paint removal revealed SCC2 in many places and I have luckily found a good supplier in CZ https://www.facebook.com/camouflage.paints/
















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