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evening all - just looking at the ID plate on my latest purchase the remains of:-


Truck Utility FFR 1/2 TON 4x4

Rover Series 3


the Contract no. is WV11139, ITEM 1. not seen 'item 1' stamped in full before anybody know why this is??


regards H T

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I have 19FM65 , this was Cont. WV11140 , I would have to check if there was a Item No.


ISTR these were large qty. Contracts.





Item No. are common.


I would have to look yours up in the Mark Cook L'wt book.


Item 1 could be FFR


Item 2 could be 12 volt.


The above could both be FFR



IIRC 109" could be on the same Contract No. but different Item No. such as Item 3 , so not restricted to wheel-base.


Often another Item No. was added if the total quantity of vehicles were revised with additionals.

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