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Hi all, I'm Edmund, these days from SE Washington State, United States. Ex Mech Infantry guy, and the extremely pleased owner of 82BA29, a partly pretty and partly Rusted Saracen Mk2. (My first of hopefully a good few MVs-looking for Saladin next!) I have gleaned so much from this great site that it seems like I already know some of You, so thanks to everyone for sharing and making my effort to save "the old gal" a great, great deal easier.


A special thanks to "FUGLY" for putting me years ahead in research!


Some pics of her:


1962, Libya

SARACEN 82 BA 29 (4) 001.jpg


1974, Alvis Coventry



2014, Clarkston, Wa, USA (Note the Mk1 turret.... where did that come from?)


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Excellent toy you have there, and a very close registration number to mine. I find your vehicle very interesting, especially as there are a number of unusual features, including the fact that it is a Mk 2 that has been converted to RFC, rather than a Mk 3. Have the vents under the side windows been blocked off and are there vent plates in the riser in the middle of the interior floor?


Is she a runner and can you post some more current pics, such as the interior and some more of the exterior?




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