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WW2 Army Bike ?


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Hi Folks , this bike has come up on a local auction site for $600 nz it has a very brief description , basically says WW2 Army bike (or what is left of it) can anybody identify it , looks like a James lightweight but im no expert just had a quick look on google. it says it has a villers engine.Capture.jpg

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Well it looks like a post war James ML. Little over 6000 of these were built for the WO. I believe another 20000 odd were built post war for the civy market. The pictures are very poor, but it looks to have the civy type handlebar and gearbox shift lever. Ron

Lightweights 290.jpg

Lightweights 294.jpg

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Well the last WD frame number was ML8500. So it wouldn't hurt to check the number if you can. (lower right headstock). Even so, there are still useful parts on that project, if it's cheap enough. Ron

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