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British Army Jeep Stencil


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Hi Chaps,


Probably covered but hey!


Finally received the key card for my ex-British Army YH Jeep which after 4 months is quite exciting!!


Anyway my old girl 38YH40 was converted from M5558997 and was cast 29.10.58.


Anyway as at some point she was repainted is original OD (80's or earlier) I would quite like to add her M no. sequence especially as she is in a show on the 8th June.


Being new to this where can I get a stencil and done?

What paint (I've read a bit about appling stencil painting but thought I'd ask again just in case there is a specific art for Jeeps. ie rough and ready as is the Army way.


Anyway here is my key card..feel free to comment if you think I have missed something.




Thanks in advance


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In word one of the fonts is called Stencil and is the font I have used for the M series number and other markings. The reason I chose it was because of a picture of a British Jeep in Italy with that style of lettering on the windscreen panel.



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